Bake at home brownie kit step by step instructions

Thank you for purchasing our bake at home brownie kit!

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Here you will find a step by step guide on how to 

bake these delicious gooey brownies in your own home!

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1. Get your ingredients ready!
You will need -
1 egg
75ml water
75ml vegetable oil or melted butter
Get your ingredients ready
2. Add everything to a mixing bowl
and stir it together until combined.
Stir everything until combined
3. Add your brownie mixture to the mixing bowl.
Add your brownie mix to the bowl
4. Stir everything in the bowl together
until combined & smooth. Make sure you
scrape down the sides of the bowl and
along the bottom to incorporate everything!
Stir until combined and smooth
5. Add the mixture into your prepared
tin and smooth into the edges. Lift
the tin up and drop it onto the counter
a few times to get any air bubbles
out of the mixture!
Ad mixture to the tin and smooth out
6. Add your toppings onto the mixture!
We have used fudge in this example.
Bake at 160 degrees for 40 minutes.
Add your toppings!
7. Remove from the oven. It should still
wobble a little bit and be gooey in the middle.
Put the tin on a wire rack for at least an 
hour before removing it from the tin!
Leave to cool in the tin
8. Mark out 9 slices with your knife.
It's best to use a clean knife every time,
so scrape any mixture off of the knife
before making another slice!
Grid it up and slice it
9. Enjoy! These will keep fresh in an airtight
container for 10 days, or can be frozen for
up to 3 months!
We'd love to see your bakes! Take a picture

of your finished brownies and tag us on Instagram & Facebook! (@NorthernBrownies) #NorthernBrownies

If you get stuck at any point, please don't hesitate to ask

us for any help and we'll try our best to do so!

Thanks again for your purchase :)